Oakley at Trichome

Oakley Sunglasses are Now Officially Available at Trichome!

Available in Low-Bridge & High-Bridge Fits!

Come find a frame that stays on your face and lets you focus on what you really want to be doing.

Prizm Lens Technology

Prizm lenses don't just darken your vision like regular sunglasses - they enhance color, vividness, and detail for sport and everyday life. Self-care for your eyes.

Classic & Future Frames

Whether you want to rock a pair of Leffingwells or Encoders,
we have frames to sync up with your style or push it into another dimension.

Rare Colorways & Interchangeable Lenses

Nearly every Oakley frame has replaceable lenses, but the frames are the ones you gotta catch while you can. We got into this by digging for exclusive and out-of-production models and collecting different colorways - kinda like we did with shoes back in the day.

In-Store & Online

You're already at our site, but if you end up in Seattle head to 618 South Jackson Street and appreciate these designs with the best retailer in the universe.

Oakley Winter 2022 Drop

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Kato SunglassesKato Sunglasses
Oakley Kato Sunglasses
Sale price$298.00
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Hydra SunglassesHydra Sunglasses
Oakley Hydra Sunglasses
Sale price$173.00
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Kaast SunglassesKaast Sunglasses
Oakley Kaast Sunglasses
Sale price$244.00
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Castel SunglassesCastel Sunglasses
Oakley Castel Sunglasses
Sale priceFrom $152.00
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Plazma SunglassesPlazma Sunglasses
Oakley Plazma Sunglasses
Sale price$184.00
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Sutro Ti SunglassesSutro Ti Sunglasses
Oakley Sutro Ti Sunglasses
Sale price$255.00
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Gascan® SunglassesGascan® Sunglasses
Oakley Gascan® Sunglasses
Sale priceFrom $120.00
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Gascan® Sunglasses X-Silver CollectionGascan® Sunglasses X-Silver Collection
HSTN Sunglasses (Low Bridge Fit)HSTN Sunglasses (Low Bridge Fit)
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Sutro Lite Sunglasses (Low Bridge Fit) Verve CollectionSutro Lite Sunglasses (Low Bridge Fit) Verve Collection
Kato Sunglasses Cavendish EditionKato Sunglasses Cavendish Edition
Kaast Sunglasses X-Silver CollectionKaast Sunglasses X-Silver Collection

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Kumain Ng Kabute

Imagine the Archipelago

Cannabis, Streetwear, Self-Care, Outdoor and Psychedelic Pioneers

Filipinx & Black Owned
Seattle, Duwamish Land
Planted in 2013

The Original Multi-Dimensional Store

Cultural and Community Leaders
8 Years and Counting
Often imitated, never replicated.

History in the Making

Cannnabis. Psychedelics. Filipinx & Black Identity. We continue to build a welcoming place for ourselves in these worlds and beyond.

Visit the Depths of Imagination

618 S Jackson St
Duwamish Land
206 468 4907

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