Chaos Will Set You Free SS Tee

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Color: Berde (Green)
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from Tropical Futures

""Chaos Will Set You Free"; the symbol of the 'chaos' and of the radial sun embedded on the hoodie are inspired by the idea of complex and chaotic systems and the aesthetics of crisis. 

We are inspired by the increased dimensionality in these systems and social structures. Often times the reality of things are oversimplified and taken as dogma.

The chaos symbol is spray painted a lot in a graffiti photoset named "Aesthetics of Crisis" documenting street art in Athens, Greece post-austerity. 


The radial sun reminds us of balance and order which are found in chaotic systems.  

This symbol of chaos is spray painted in Athens as it critiques on the oversimplification and violence of economic models that shape our globe. The violence that these models bring onto humans and other species, the environment and the future of our planet. 

We are firm believers that the economy dictates our existence, this product, and our design is produced from this current economic paradigm.

Thank you to Kate Raworth (Circularity Economics) and Santa Fe Institute for inspiring us to create this imagery."

Aesthetics of Crisis:

  • 12 oz Reverse Weave Champion Hoodie
  • Silk screened in Brooklyn in small batches
  • Front and back print
  • Printed at Kingsland Printing

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