Glass Nail Buffer

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Smooth and polish nail beds to a high shine with the Glass Nail Buffer. This buffer is durable, reusable, and gentle enough to buff and polish natural nail beds to a high shine in one easy step.


  • Glass buffer is gentle to buff and shine nails in one step while preventing peeling or splitting nails.
  • Glass material is durable, gentle to use, and easy to clean.
  • Sustainable alternative to disposable buffers.
  • Filemate included for easy storage.


Clean after each use with alcohol or peroxide. Caution: Handle glass buffer with care. If breakages occur, dispose of glass carefully.


  1. Start with clean, unpolished nails.
  2. Using the flat, grainier side of the glass buffer, gently file against the nail surface.
  3. Start on the sides of the nail and work toward the center.

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