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from Tropical Futures

"Designed by Joshua Briones Yap in 2019 (COVID production delay), we sought to explore one of the archetypal cultural icons of the Philippines, the 'Jeepney'. Although easy to blame as a traffic criminal they serve as the closest thing to public transportation across all the entire archipelago. Jeepneys transport millions of Filipinos everyday.

The Jeepney is perceived as a criminal of the road, which it is in many ways. Still, it is also the only form of public/private mass transportation across the Philippine archipelago. It also serves as an important cultural symbol of the Philippines. We think it will be a massive loss for the Philippines if the Jeepney disappears.

In an ideal situation, the government works with Jeepneys and helps regulate their emissions or perhaps creates a Jeepney traffic lane like a bus lane or other forms of regulation that leverage and empower the concept of a Jeepney to better serve the city.

The economic web that the Jeepney creates impacts thousands of businesses around the islands. From the Jeepney's core service of transportation to the network of mechanics that services Jeepneys, to the body shops that make these Jeepneys, to artists that paint on these Jeepneys and the families that depend on these different jobs created by the Jeepney. It isn't just the Jeepney itself but rather the intricate network of connections that each Jeepney makes in our local economy.

It's never a singular solution to mass transportation. We need every avenue possible to create a better transportation system for the people of a city.

We are releasing a Jeepney inspired graphic soon in collaboration with @joshuabrionesyap ; something we started working late last year and finished preCOVID ~ all webstore sales will have profits donated to"
  • 6.1 oz Bayside SS T-Shirt
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Silk screened in Brooklyn in small batches
  • Front and back print

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