Professional Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper

Color: Stainless Steel
Sale price$9.00


Precisely trim toenails with these strong, sharp cutting edges, excellent performance and quality stainless steel define this clipper! An essential for well-groomed feet.


  • Blades with a straight edge for toenails provide excellent accuracy and won’t tear or rip nails
  • Features sharp, strong stainless steel cutting edges for precise, cuts and sturdy use
  • Premium stainless steel is long lasting and easy to clean


Clean clipper blades after each use with an alcohol wipe. Disinfect tool ends with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide after each use. Tool can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide.


  1. Lift up and rotate lever of clippers. 
  2. Clip nails into the desired shape by starting at the corners and clipping toward the center. 
  3. Next, clip center to finish the shape. This will apply less stress on the natural nail and help prevent the chance of splitting while clipping.

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