Tropical Booty Sweatpants

Size: Small
Color: Heather Grey
Sale price$118.00


from Tropical Futures

"Our first bottom garment ever made by Tropical Futures Institute. Obviously inspired by Juicy Couture but also we just wanted some warm sweatpants for ourselves.

Tropical distorted print on the back and the TFI logo printed on the front."

  • 12 oz Heavy Weight Champion Sweatpant
  • Silk screened in Brooklyn in small batches
  • Front and back print
  • Printed at Kingsland Printing
  • Almost a drop crotch but not quite, basically rise of the pant goes down a lot, it doesn't ride up so it's a baggy fit. Don't get this pant if you're looking for something slimming, this sweatpant is super rooooomy!

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