Xuân Trà Nóng Hot Tea Candle

Size: 10.5oz / 297g
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Trà nóng
hot tea

Scented candle
Made with soy coconut wax + wooden wick
Burn time: 70–80 hours

Trà nóng means “hot tea” in Vietnamese. Every time we talk about trà, the vivid image of our ông bà (grandparents) immediately crosses our minds. In the morning, they would make a fresh pot of tea, usually with jasmine or green tea. They sat quietly in their wooden chairs, sipping tea and enjoying their morning ritual before everyone else woke up and stirs up the house. It’s such a comfortable place for us. We can just close our eyes and imagine the smell of tea lingering in the air, of our ông bà being there for us when our parents were busy working every day to make sure we were getting everything we need.

This subtle blend of jasmine tea, green tea, and black tea together with musky sandalwood is a tribute to all of ông bà – an important part of our childhood memories.

Top note: jasmine
Middle note: tea leaves, bergamot
Base note: sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk

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